ASHOK ENTERPRISES is constantly involved in the business activity of making machinery. Our efforts are to offer the best solutions in the machine industry by adapting a motto of contemporary technology, skilled professionals and excellent machinery. We are top class manufacturing company with quality being our top priority. Established in the year 1970, we have strive for four decades to obtain a popular brand name in the market. Ours is the most trusted company and has made efforts to provide value to customers through business activities.

Our contemporary technology accommodates the swift changes that are taking place in the in the machinery industry and in order to meet the growing demands of the customers, the company widens its horizons by adding an expanded product line. Our company has a turnover up to US$ 0.25 million (or up to Rs.1 crore approximately) With an export percentage of 20% our business activity includes manufacturing and exporting the machinery like transformer winding machinery, wire drawing machines, various types of spring manufacturing machines. Our executive team consists of then members. We are constantly in search for a better relationship with the society with a strong philosophy of evolving to the needs of the customers. We aspired to be a winning company of the time with core competencies.

Product Portfolio

Our machinery is the best machinery which offers solutions for a better, safer and healthier people. The range of machines has employ-ability in various facets of life. We produce from wire drawing machines, spring grinding machines, crushers to taper rolling machines. Each machine has a unique job to perform. These machines undergo performance level tests at every stage of manufacturing. They are strong, durable with high capacity of tolerance and resistance to temperature, vibration and pressure. We also ensure their dimensional and functional accuracy and evaluate their noise output, hardness and response time. Over the years we have gained experience in maintaining high efficiency standards. We strive to keep customer equipment at a maximum performance level.

Business Activities

Our customer oriented spirits have driven us to improve technology, infrastructure and product development. We provide after sales support to the customers in installation training, operational training, on site support and user manual. Our improved human resources develop working relationships within the industry. Total quality management and good financial position are our strengths.We are proud with our product line and our initiatives are to broaden and diversify the products. Our experienced R&D department is committed to discover cutting edge technologies that improve the structure and function of our machinery and it also keeps itself abreast with technological changes in the business environment.The efficient exclusive customer service department interacts with our customers and builds strong relationship. It is in constant touch offering prompt service and effective feed back. Our enterprise designs the standard machines with quality being our company’s tenet. We buy high quality raw material to increase the performance of our machinery, to make it strong and durable. Strong logistics facilitate transport of machinery, storage equipments, raw materials etc., the dexterous professional team are experts in their field whose efforts have been a constant value enhancer. The custom and tamper proof packing is ideal for the machinery any protects from environmental hazards and corrosion.To be with the changing times we strive to be the world’s most dynamic science company, creating sustainable solutions essential to a better, safer and healthier life for people everywhere.

Team Support
Our dexterous team of diligent professionals plays a significant role in our business efficiencies. Our team comprises of engineers, technical experts who have expanded and have profound knowledge of the machinery and processing techniques. The machines are technically designed by our experts or easy operation. The quality control team play significant role in the functional efficiencies of machines. Our team offers the best solution in production, technology, customer care and marketing. We have adopted latest management techniques in our company that enable the team to uphold the industry at all times.

Our Infrastructure
Our top class infrastructure includes a vast area of 2000 KM with innovative equipment, special systems and value added latest amenities which enhances flawless and faster production of machines. The highly calibrated equipments facilitate to build up machinery with functional and dimensional accuracies. They also ensure to churn our premium quality machines.We prided to have a spacious ware house and packaging facility with compartmentalization so that our inventory are safely stored and easily retrieved. The consignments are promptly delivered to the customers in exceptionally good packing material. The on time delivery schedules are ensured by a potent transport system.

Research and Development
We are proud to have a strong R&D which develops contemporary technology. The leading edge technologies on product research and relevant business strategies are adopted.