Revoluttion on Fine Wire Drawing Machine by V-Belt Drive
Last 5 to 6 years back V – Belt drive Fine Drawing Machine had been come in Production on Trial basis. There was lots of problem in production. After that we have trialed with several mechanical engineerings & experiences. Then Fabricated Table type V-belt drive is established better performer than other conventional machines.
These Table type Fine Drawing machines have no Gearboxes. So, there is no possibility of oil leakage, as no gear oil, required no oil seal maintenance.
Machine running sound or noise is very less and also maintenance is very less. As there is no Gearbox, less no. of bearings are used. Only one Drum setting Vertical Shaft is used (Maximum 4 to 5 bearings).
Now we are manufacturing 3 or 4 Drawing Drums are on one Table (as shown in picture). These Tables are rigidly fabricated by Fixture setting. So, the Tables are identical & spares are inter-changeable easily.
Motors are setting on vertical direction, i.e. motor pulleys on top side. Motor setting frames are attached by nut-bolts with Main Body (as shown in picture). There are 4” inch long adjustable slots for belt tension arrangement properly. Special belt cover is provided to protect belt and motor from power, dust & cut wire pieces.
V-belt alignment is very important for high speed power transmission. Motor Pulleys in these machines can be aligned by adjusting ½” to ¾” inch up & down by a mechanical device easily.
Machine Pulleys are heavy in section and made of Cast Iron. Pulleys are two grooves, ‘B’ Section.
Drum Orientation also different in respect of conventional machines. To make 20 swg. Wire production, 3 nos. 16” inch Drum (In one Table) and 4 Nos. 12” Drum (In one Table), so, Total 7 nos. Drum (in Two Tables). To make 22/23 swg. Wire production, 3 nos. 16” inch Drum (In one Table) and 6 Nos. 12” Drum (In two Tables), so, Total 9 nos. Drum (in Three Tables). All Drum machines have to install 5 Hp. Motors.
Special Note: We have installed at Howrah. 1 Table Machine consists of 3 nos. 16” Drum, Drawing 12 swg. To 16 swg. Annealed Wires. This 16” Drum Table feeds 3 sets 6 blocks 12” Drum, Drawing 16 swg. To 22 swg.Wires.
In this Table structure, we are incorporated Electrical cabling for push button switch, motor cables and emergency stop cables in built, for safety and less expenses purpose. Cable Trench not required. Open cables not visible from outside. Panel Control box
Foundation Cost of Table structure machines are minimum. To rigid & restrict vibration of Motor (as the motor is hanged), at the extreme end of the machine one bolt foundation is solved the entire problem. Machines can be shifted anytime anywhere, as easy detachable system. These machines can be installed easily on 1st floor or so. Floor should be concrete sturcture.
Machine Transportation is also making convenient (as shown in picture). As we designed to make manufacturing 3 or 4 machines on a Table.
Finally Cost of Machinery is reasonable and less are Advantages are concerned.