CNG/LPG Fired Wire Annealing Furnace
Comparison with Otheer Furnace Used in India
FIRST TIME IN INDIA, We have designed, manufactured and successfully trailed the batch Type Wire Annealing Furnace by using NATURAL LINE GAS (CNG) & LPG Cylinder Bank. All Respected Industrial People are used to think that CNG or LPG is very costly and highly inflammable in Industry. But LPG & CNG are very popularly used in our Kitchen, Restaurant, Mall very safely and very effectively, have no other alternative. Last 5/6 years LPG (Commercial) & CNG are introduced in our many Industries, such as Biscuit Industry, Aluminum Industry………, by cost effective way. As Calorific Value is very high, Operation is very simple, can be controlled easily, Commercial Cylinders are easily available. Then we thought that how this Power would be used in Wire Industry.
This Electric Power is available everywhere in India. To install A Electric Furnace, 70/75 KW (100 Hp) Power is required. So Invest H.T. Power Transformer, Govt. Securities, Cablings & other Equipments, which is too much expensive for small Industry. Also unit charges & Govt. duties increasing day by day.
Advantages: Operation easy. No Chimney. Pollution Free. Finish material Quality very good.
First Investment is very high. Recurring expenditure to change Inner Shell & Heating Coils. Power Shut down causes loses. Cost of Production is high, depends on Electric Unit charges.
Calorific Value of Wood is 3000 to 4000 Calories per Kg. Last 12-15 Years Wood Fired Furnace is vividly used in Wire Industry to anneal Wires. But this type of All Furnaces operate manually & dirty Polluted. Minimum 80’ Feet Chimney is used for natural draft system. Wood rate is fluctuating Rs.4/- to Rs.6/-. Minimum 1500 Sq.ft. Area is used to preserve the verities Quality Woods. At the time Rainy Season Wood Efficiency & availability reduces. Inside Shell may be Stainless Steel or Mild Steel that can be repaired or replaced after 3 to 4 months of constant production, as Wooden Flame strikes the Inner Shell directly.
Advantages: No skill Labor is required to operate. No Electric Power is required. Any type of scrap woods can be used. Cost affectivity as per Dealers satisfaction.
Disadvantages: Wood availability & quality may suffer the Production. Wood rates are varied time to time. Minimum 6 to 8 Truck wood Stocks are required for all the time. Stock spaces must be needed. Quality of finish products are not so good (Compare to Electric Furnace). At the starting of Furnace, 10 to 12 hours Pre-heating is required (No preheating is required in Electric Furnace & CNG Furnace). Wood burning Ashes have to clean frequently from inside the Furnace & Chimney. Inside Shell may be Stainless Steel or Mild Steel, that can be repaired or replaced after 3 to 4 months of constant production, as Wooden Flame strikes the Inner Shell directly. Wood Furnace is not permissible at the Municipal Area, due to air pollution.
Calorific Value of LPG or CNG is 10,000 to12000 Calories per Kg. (3 to 4 times than Wood or Coal).
To use these high calories, we have designed to rotate the heat such a way, the heat is transferred to wire bundle easily.
Heat transfer process in CNG Furnace is opposite of all other such Pit type Furnaces. Heat charging Burner flows the heat at the center- bottom side. So, the Coils are to be heated from inside to outside. The coils would be more soften.
Three separate Temperature Sensor (Pyrometer) are displayed on Panel control, to show top – middle – bottom inside temperature at a time
Furnace Operation is very simple. One switch operation. Total Burner operation is automatic. Gas sensing Sensor, Sparking Sensor, Temperature controlling sensor, Automatic tripping sensors are used for Auto operation.
The Burner will be stopped automatically by Solenoid Valve, if there is any problem in Gas flow. Then Hooter or Siren starts to horn to warning concerned person. So, there is no such possibility to waste Gas or other hazards.
Non Return Valve (NRB) and Pressure Gauges are provided to proper safety and control of the Furnace.
To install LPG Furnace (where CNG is not available), one LPG Cylinder Bank have to make by pipelines (as shown in the picture). LPG Cylinders (Commercial) of 19/27/35/47 Kgs. are easily available at any Part of India (where Kitchen Cylinders are available).
To Install CNG Furnace, No Cylinder Bank is required. Only you have to get connection of Natural Pipeline Gas with metering system, from Gas supply Authority.
Cost of Commercial LPG Gas of Standard rate in India. LPG Commercial Cylinders are available from IOL, HP, BHARAT, INDANE etc. CNG cost is more or less 1/3rd cost of LPG Cylinder gas.
Annealing Cost of one Batch charging, 30 to 35 Kg. CNG or LPG gas with in 4/5 hours. One Batch consists of 1.5 to 2.0 Tons of 12 gauges (2.64 mm) HB Wires and 2.5 to 3.0 Tons of 20/22 gauge (0.70 mm) Binding Wires.
Power Required: Single Phase, 220 Volt connections.Power consumption: 750 to 1000 watt per hour, only to operate Burner & Blower with Panel Control. So, at the time of Power shutdown, small Generator (Like Honda Gen Set) can easily run the Burner to continue the Production.
No Pollution is recorded. No heavy Chimney is required (as shown in the picture). No recurring expenditure (like Inner Shell change, Coil change, Outside Chimney repairing, Fire Bricks lining change).
Disadvantages: CNG or LPG is highly inflammable. The pipelines should check for leak proofing by standard pressure testing. CNG Line or LPG Cylinders are minimum 30 feet away from Furnace. Cylinder Bank area should be airy and restricted as per norms. Burner should be checked & cleaned within every two to three weeks. Furnace supervisor should be trained regarding equipments
Wood charging Furnace is apparently looks less cost effective. But if you add extra costs like, Pre-heating cost, Inner Shell repairing, Inner Standby Shell, Cleaning ashes regularly, High Chimney maintenance, Manually Wood charging hazard, Rent charge (if factory have not enough space) of Wood preserve area, Fire Bricks Lining checking to reduce heat loss or to store Fire Bricks. In this context, if we add all above expenses of whole a year, then we will see there is not much difference of charges of LPG Furnace
Electric Power (Resistance Heating) Operated Furnace is far more better in operation, have no pollution. But, Coil changing, Inner Stainless Steel Shell Pot is costlier to change. Initially, Transformer, cabling, Electrical Equipments are very much cost effective to installing. Mainly Power unit charges are more costly and can not be upgraded
We are trying to make confidence that there is no hazard to install & run the CNG or LPG Fired Furnace. Having no Pollution, you can install anywhere. As we are using CNG Line gas & LPG Cylinders in our residential purpose regularly. In coming Future these natural gases would be used in our Industrial purposed.