Wire  GalvaniZing Plant
        GalvaniZing Plant is basically a thin layer coating of zinc on H.B. Wire to resist corrosion to get long using life of wires. This galvanizing wires are widely used in differen types of life style and different wire products, such as barbed wire, Wire Netting, Power Transmission rope, etc.

      Galvanizing Plant is consists of Rotating Pay Off Reels: Annealing Furnace: Water cooling Bath: Pickling Bath: Drying Zone: Water Washing Bath: Fluxing Bath: Gahianizing Bath: Wiping System: Water cooling Tray: G.I. Wire Take Up Unit.

     This plant is Qasically, two types. One is Thicker Gauge, Range 6 Swg. to 16 Swg. And another is Thinner Gauge, Range 16 Swg.To 24 Swg. Number wire lines are dependent on production capacity.